Easy Christmas Centerpieces

This small table deco containers design very quickly and look beautiful both alone and clustered in groups.  These small square and rectangle containers come pre-filled with Max-Life Oasis foam and are ready to "soak and poke"!

Allow the containers to "float soak" and allow them to take up water naturally without forcing them under the water.

The smallest table deco has room for one or two roses (or carnations), a pine cone and a few sprigs of ming fern.

These containers are compact and small - so ming fern was used instead of traditional Christmas greens which often have thicker stems that take up a lot of room.

The medium table deco is a little larger.  You can use three roses, four or five pine cones and the ming.

These are actually fun to make and you'll love giving them as gifts to special friends and family.

This largest deco shows five roses, several clusters of millimeter balls and 4 or 5 pine cones.

Ming fern can be used all year round, but adds a lovely bright green to your Christmas centerpieces.

Here is one single stem of Ming fern.  This dainty little fern has little thorns, so handle it with care.

Cut roses shorter and insert deeply into the foam.  Be sure to always process your flowers correctly for the longest lasting arrangements.

Spray roses would also work well in these small arrangements.

Millimeter balls are miniature Christmas ornaments and are bought in clusters by florists to use in their holiday arrangements.  They come in many assorted colors.

Pine cones can come already picked or you can wire your own.

You can add a little glamour by using Pixi Pins and inserting it into the centers of your roses.

These shiny pearl pins come in a large range of colors, including green, white and red - perfect for holiday designs.

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