Church Flower Decorations

Below you'll find the step by step directions for creating a large floral spray that works well for a church, wedding ceremony or large event.

Keep in mind that to make the flowers fit YOUR NEEDS you simply substitute the colors or flowers that you need.  You don't have to use a gladiolus (which may not be in season during your wedding.)  You can easily substitute other line flowers such as liatris, snapdragons, carnations . . anything with a long stem.  You can substitute calla lilies for ALL the flowers.  If you don't like the greenery - use a different variety.

Designing steps are basic - creativity begins when you choose your own flowers and pull together your own look.  Perhaps you would prefer monochromatic (meaning all one color).    Explore different colored flowers.   

It is important, however, that you learn how to treat and care for your flowers properly from the moment they arrive until you deliver them to the venue.  Let's get started . . .

Products needed:

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