diy wedding bouquets

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DIY wedding bouquets should always be misted well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  Regular home air conditioning and refrigerators are designed to take the humidity OUT of the air.  Professional floral cooler add water to the air, keeping the flower petals moist and fresh longer.

I use Finishing Touch on all my finished flower designs, but especially for the bouquets and cut work such as corsages and boutonnieres.  This will slow petal transparency and keep your designs looking as fresh as possible.

You can see that the creamy roses are well accented with the stock and baby's breath.  Guests sometimes confuse stock with hydrangeas, except stock is much more fragrant and holds up longer.

This faux hand tied bouquet looks very much like a traditional bouquet, except this one has a water source and a more manageable size of bouquet handle.  The weight of the flowers is less tiring to carry, as you have used less stems.

This bride added a delightful touch of sentimentality, with picture charms of her parents and in-laws as the same age as her bride and groom.

The final bouquet was truly beautiful and made the bride very happy.

The flowers held up well in an outdoor receiving line on a warm day.  Be sure to remember to place a vase specifically on the bridal table to display the lovely flowers as part of the reception decor.

If you are interested in more DIY wedding bouquets, be sure to visit our selection of bouquets (separated by design style), corsages and boutonnieres, church decorations (including pew flowers), reception flowers and outdoor backdrops such as flower arches, chuppahs, and canopies.

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