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Wedding Corsage Tutorial

Adding Wired Pearls

Flower jewels can add a distinctive air of lush elegance to both corsages and boutonnieres.  Higher quality rhinestones have more of a sparkle and shine than the cheaper, foil backed stones.

I decided to add pearls to this design to compliment the jewelry the mother of the bride planned on wearing to the ceremony.

These pearls are wired individually and have several laterals apiece.  You can cut them apart with wire cutters and glue them into the design with floral adhesive.

Tucking them in among the flower heads gives a truly elegant touch.

Professional florist use pearls and rhinestones in their designs as upgrades, adding a higher price tag without really adding much in cost or labor.

One package is enough to accent several corsages or a single bouquet.

How many pearls or rhinestones you add is really up to the flower designer.

Here's a side by side comparison of before and after the pearls have been added.  You can see even just a few flower jewels really notches the design into a higher class of corsage.



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