How to Make a Corsage

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If you would like to include ribbon in your corsage design, consider creating a few wired loops to work into your design as you tape flowers and leaves together.

I prefer crisp ribbon with either filament edges or wired edges.  They make a much prettier bow that holds it's shape even when kept in a damp refrigerator.

Ribbon packaged for commercial use in flower shops seem expensive, but in reality there is more yardage on one bolt of ribbon.  "Cheap" ribbon in discount stores seem like a good buy until you discover that there is barely enough yardage to do more than one or two bows.  Suddenly the price per yard goes up considerably as you have to buy more and more.

Buying one bolt with 25 to 50 (even 100 yards) of ribbon ensures you have enough for your entire wedding project and the dye lot doesn't change.

The loop should be big enough for your to insert a couple of fingers into - but not so big that it overpowers your flowers (or the wearer!)

Pinch the edges and quickly wrap some florist wire around the cut ends.

Pull wires down parallel and tape with floral tape.  Create several of these loops, both in single and double looped pieces.

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