composite rose bouquet

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A composite rose bouquet is not usually the choice for a DIY bride, because it is wise to create the bouquet on the actual wedding day.  It is more time intensive than most bridal bouquets.  Composite flowers don't draw water up a stem, so the life of this type of bouquet is rather short.  It's imperative to use very fresh roses and follow up with a good misting of flower sealant.  You should always refrigerate this type of bouquet until needed.

This design is by Bloomtube and is absolutely spot on.  You don't have to have a foam ring collar if you don't like the look, but most composite bouquets have a collar of some sorts to support the frame of the bouquet.  You can use an old fashioned lace collar or tulle collar if desired. 

There is also an English Bouquet tutorial that shows how to create a lovely fabric collar wrapped with beaded pearls.

To create a similar design, you will need the following:

I suggest you wash your hands thoroughly before handling the flower petals and then mist your fingers with Finishing Touch.  The natural oils on your fingers can cause browning on petals

I want to be sure and give full credit to Floral Designer Dennis Kneepkens for this lovely design and for generously sharing it with all of us via Youtube.  More detailed instructions can be found on the Bloomtube website.

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