composite calla lily bouquet

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A composite flower is one that more and more individual petals are added to a single flower to make a larger "composite" flower.

Select a calla lily for use as the center of the composite flower. Liberally cover each flower and your hands with Clear Crowning Glory. Cut center calla lily from stem and wire and tape with criss-cross technique. Remove stems and centers from other calla lilies.

Gently open each lily and add beneath wired calla lily. Tape or glue into place. Continue until you’ve reached the desired size. Gather three to four cut stems and tape together to form handle. Attach stems to composite calla lily with glue or pins. Band with ribbon and secure with pins. Finish by gluing a small bunch of lily of the valley into the center of the composite flower.

Spray with Clear Crowning Glory, making sure to completely coat the fronts and backs of the flowers. Refrigerate until delivery.

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