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Church Wedding Flowers


This greenery sleeve contained several branches of pittosporum, so I'm going to use it to the best advantage.  I always want my most interesting greenery front and center. 

I'll use the more common and cheaper leather leaf fern to fill in the holes and back of the floral design.

Begin to bring some the the greens forward to give more depth to the final design.  You want to avoid it looking "flat" by having too many straight up and down and sideways.  

Both the flowers and greenery should be anchored pointing towards the center and then gradually fanning out in all directions.

My final goal is for this to be a 3/4 design.  That means it has a beautiful look from the front and sides, with just greenery showing in the back.

This is a common look for flowers that sit up in front on an altar or kneeling rail.

Leave enough length on some of your pittosporum  to have a massed look that fills in the design quickly.

You don't have to be perfect with all your placement of stems, just keep it balanced so that all sides have a filled in look.