Church Wedding Flowers

Cut Palms

It is necessary to cut down some palms to fill in the smaller areas or to scale down the size of the floral.

Using a sharp knife, cut the stem about halfway up.  You will be using both ends, so don't discard the bottom half of the palm.

Once the final design is greened with other varieties of greenery and flowers, you'll never notice that a palm has been cut in half.

Take the smaller cut top of the palm and insert it under the full palm on the right.

I pinch the blades of the remaining piece, bending them at the top.

You can secure with some florist tape, waterproof tape or a small ball of florist clay if you wish.

Once inserted into the design,  you'll never notice the cut top.

Insert this half of the palm into the lower left, positioning it under the left whole palm.