Church Wedding Flowers

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Church wedding flowers must be big, so I'm using long stemmed standard roses in this church floral.  I generally order short stemmed roses for all the bouquet work, since I only need a short stemmed and don't want to waste money.

But long stemmed roses are used to good advantage when creating tall pieces for the front of the church.

I leave the guard petals (the outer petals that may be torn or browned) on the flower head until I'm ready to design to protect the inner rose.

Leaving them out in the warmth before designing gives you fuller heads that have more "show" in the final design.

The standard roses are usually larger than the other flowers.  Other good choices for church florals are Asiatic lilies.  They open up to a large head and are very cost effective.

I used a dozen roses in this final flower piece, scattering them out among the other flowers.

The final design is beautiful and surprisingly easy to do.  Altar sprays can sometimes run between $300 to $500.  You can create your own sprays much cheaper with wise use of greenery and inexpensive flowers!

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