church pew decoration

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This lovely church pew decoration is designed in a flat side basket that hangs from a ribbon tied around the pew seat or secured by a pew clamp that fits your particular church pews.  Feel free to change the color or flower varieties to your own wedding pallet scheme.

To create a similar look, you'll need the following fresh flowers, hard goods and florist supplies:

Process your flowers in the same manner as a professional florist would.  Don't skip the flower products, as they keep the flowers fresh longer.

Place the foam in the plastic bag and insert into the flat backed basket.  Leave the top of the bag open so you can insert the flower stems.  Arrange flowers as shown in the photo below.  Give the ivy a soak in a tepid water bath for at least 20 - 25 minutes.  Wire each strand to the ivy and insert deep into the foam, allowing the ivy to trail out to the side and down the bottom of the basket.

Use Queen Anne's lace to fill in any holes of the design.  Mist well with a flower sealant and store in refrigeration or cool, darkened room.

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