church flower arrangements

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These church flower arrangements are usually seen from the front and both sides.  It's necessary to give depth to the whole arrangement.  Once placing a palm in the back on the right side, I now place a matching palm on the left side.  If necessary, you may have to strip off some of the bottom leaves to have a bare stem that inserts into the foam more easily.

Some of the palms will need to be cut down for certain parts of the flower design. 

Be sure to use as much of your product as possible.  Don't throw away the bottom part, you can incorporate it into the back of the design where a shorter piece isn't noticed as much.

Strip the leaves off the bottom portion that will be inserted into the florist foam.

Insert the shortened bottom half into the back of the design, inserting straight in.

Cut another piece of palm in the same manner.

Continued to use the bottom halve by filling in the backside of the design.

The top half of the shortened pieces, however, are used in the front and sides of the center of the floral.

You see by the angle of the arrows how you should insert each palm branch into the oasis block.

I did use one of the shortened bottom half of the palms directly in the center of the floral.  This is soon going to be camouflaged by other greenery, so it helps to fill in portions that mixes in well.

Now I angle similar pieces on each side of this short center piece of jade.

As the center leaves get shortened, the greenery begins angling upwards.

Fill in the front with more shortened pieces.  

One of the taller top half with the leaves trimmed to a point is placed straight up and down in the center of the floral.

Once the jade greening is finished, a view from the top shows the final pattern of the placement of the greens.

Myrtle has a woody stem, small oval leaves and long stems.

I cut apart the stems and insert the tallest portion right behind the center leaf on the right, titling backwards a bit.  I then insert a shorter piece on the left.  Continue adding myrtle, down to the sides and out.

These long lines will draw the eye upward and make the overall arrangement seem larger.

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