Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

 This lovely arrangement is very easy to design if you break it down step by step.  You'll need the following supplies:

Design Courtesy Oasis Floral

You begin with a low rectangle container.  You can substitute gold, green or even paint floral containers with Design Master craft paint.

A simple 9 inch cylinder vase serves as a globe to hold a red (or green or white) pillar candle.  (Remember to never leave a lit candle unattended.  Glass could become hot after the candle has been burning for a while.)

Line the bottom of the cylinder vase with a piece of floral clay.  This clay is very sticky and will snugly adhere the glass to the bottom of the container, even after wet floral foam is packed on top of it.

Press the cylinder vases down very tightly on one side of the Essentials container.

Place a piece of florist clay around the bottom edge of your pillar candle.  Carefully drop the candle down into the cylinder vase and press down hard until the candle is secure and doesn't move around. 

An 8 inch pillar candle usually measures around 5 inches around and will fit down easily down into a 9 inch vase.

I always use Oasis Max-Life florist foam.  It is proven to extend the life of flowers and greenery.

Soak your brick of foam in clean water and allow it to float until it sinks naturally.  A single brick of foam can hold up to two quarts of water.  

Do not force the brick underwater, trying to make it absorb quicker.  This can cause dry pockets in the foam that could mean death to a flower or piece of greenery.

The Essentials tray hold 2/3 piece of florist foam, but you will have to cut it into pieces so that you can pack the foam around the cylinder vase.

Use the leftover brick and cut a piece large enough to create another layer on top on the right side of the cylinder vase.  This side has to be higher in order to insert picks into the apples and secure them in the Oasis foam.

Tape the extra foam into place with Oasis waterproof tape.

Place your carnations in the centerpiece first as shown below

You will need either Cowee picks or stakes to drive into the bottom of the fruit so it can be placed into the foam and hold the apples in place.

 I generally don't recommend that fruit be eaten after it has been used in a centerpiece as part of the decor, because it is against the foam, greens that may have been treated with chemicals and flowers.

Place the staked apples into the centerpiece.  The wooden picks will insert into the wet foam and swell and tighten.

The next element is hypericum berries.  These are very popular for Christmas arrangements and are available in red, white, and green. 

Begin clustering in hypericum berries, tucking them in between the carnations and apples.

This centerpiece calls for a mix of Christmas greenery to be tucked around the carnations and fruit.  You can choose from the different assorted below if you don't have any evergreens that you can harvest yourself from your own yard.

Mixed Christmas Greenery

Fill in the greenery and then add the pine cones last.  Tuck more hypericum berries around the backside of the arrangement so it looks good from all sides.

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