casino themed centerpieces

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Casino themed centerpieces can be fun . . . add a few extras like playing cards and poker chips and you'll have a winner.  Keep in mind that the flower design can be made larger if needed.  This is made in disposable cheap containers so cleanup can be a quick as advising your guests that they can take one home with them!

For this design, you'll need the following products:

I usually put party centerpieces in "no show" containers.  These molded hard plastic fit a 1/3 brick of Oasis foam and are cheap to ship.  The cost is low enough that most florists consider these to be "disposable" centerpiece containers.

I'm going to mix up some of the greenery for more interest.  Don't worry - I sell full grower's bunches in singles.  I don't force you to buy 5 or more bunches like some popular flower sites.  Don't compare costs "bunch to bunch".  I've noticed some sites calling their greens "grower's bunches" . . . yet give you only half of what a florist calls a grower's bunch.  Break it down per stem and you'll see that some free shipping is more than enough built into the prices.  Remember - true wholesale will ask you for a retailer's license number.  Otherwise it could just be hype and you are pushed into buying more than you need.

Leather leaf fern is a staple in every florist shop across the country.  It is available all year round and has nice laterals that are cut off a main stem and can quickly green up several centerpieces (if you get a full grower's bunch!)

I put some Lily Grass loops in this for added visual interest.  It comes in both solid green and a variegated as shown here.

Oasis Max-Life foam is one of the best!  It's scored on the sides for easy cutting into halves or thirds.  Allow your brick to "float soak" in a pan or bucket of water.  This means you don't try to speed it up by forcing it under the water line.  It saturates very quickly anyway.  Forcing it under could cause dry pockets that could mean early wilting for any flower stem unlucky enough to be inserted into it.

Push your wet foam firmly down onto the spikes at the bottom of the utility container.  After drying off the sides, tape the foam for added security with florist waterproof tape.

Now we're ready to start flowering in our casino themed centerpieces!

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