Candle Centerpieces

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Soaking the foam properly is important.  The foam won't sink like a normal foam brick because the plastic section may float.

It's important to turn the cage top side down and allow to saturate completely before removing it from the water.

I always treat my water with a quality flower food first.  Remember the flowers are a live product and need nutrients like every other living thing.

Read the directions carefully.  Not using enough it a waste of time.  Using too much won't hurt the flowers - but it's a waste of product and money!  Take the time to read first, mix thoroughly, then soak the foam.

Lay the foam face down and give several minutes allowing the foam to become saturated.  Dry pockets in the foam can be death to a flower stem.

Very quickly you can see the foam turn darker as it soaks up water quickly.

Resist the temptation to try and hurry things along by pushing the foam under water.  It's better to let it take it up naturally and sink down low in the water.

Never allow your foam to go dry leading up to your event.  After fresh flowers and greens are added to the arrangement, you'll be amazed how much water the flowers draw out of the foam every day.  Pour more water on slowly, never allowing the foam to dry out.

Next I'm going to show how to add votive candles to an arrangement and actually give them some height and elevation.

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