Candle Centerpieces

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Now I want to add a little contrast in color and bring out the lavender of the candles.  I'm using a simple cushion mum.  This flower arrangement is going to sit on the church altar, and then later on a table at the reception hall so it's going to be flowered all around so it is beautiful from all sides.

Adding some lighter color to the piece makes it pop out and keeps the arrangement from being too dark.

Of course, I have to show you the total effect by lighting the candles.

Giving you a good view on the bottom flowered piece.

I always finish with a good misting of a flower sealant by Floralife called Finishing Touch.  It seals the petals and keeps normal refrigeration in homes (like home air conditioning and refrigerators) from sucking the moisture out of the flower petals.

Florist coolers are designed to put moisture INTO the air.  We want to keep those petals soft, moist and hydrated for as long as possible!

This dainty little piece turned out lovely.  The spikey flowers add a wonderful texture, but the inexpensive flowers are a plus for a budget conscious bride!

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