Candle Centerpieces

Decorative Grasses

I love using a mixture of greenery - I think it adds so much interest and dimension to a design.  One of my favorites is Lily grass.  Remember that I allow you to purchase single bunches in my online store, so you can mix or match.  No sense in buying more than you need.

I'm going to have a little fun by looping the grass blades around the extension rods.  I'll hold the grass blades in place with a little dot of floral clay.  (I told you that stuff comes in handy!)

I start by inserting the root of the blade deep into the florist foam cage.

As I loop the grass around the rod, you can see the small dot of floral clay that I already have in place on the rod.

I position the grass the way I want it before pressing the side of the grass against the floral clay.

The result is a fun twirl of grass that adds a funky bit of interest to the design!

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