Candle Centerpieces

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These were actually inexpensive votive candles I bought at a discount store that are sold already in a glass container.

Before you use something like these candles in your event, it's wise to buy one and burn it for about five hours and make sure it lasts long enough for your needs.  This one has a nice, pleasant lavender scent.

I want my candles to rise above the table, so I'm going to use the Lomey pedestal since the candles are fairly lightweight.  Keep in mind I'm inserting these ahead of time for the benefit of this tutorial.  For arrangements you plan to transport, it's better to wait until they are transported to the venue and sitting on the tables BEFORE you insert the candles.

These rods are about 13 1/2" long - but they can easily be cut to shorter lengths if you wish to stagger the heights of the candles.

That's exactly what I'm going to do for this arrangement.

Just to give you an idea - here is a photo of a different arrangement I did with some blue votive candles - notice how I staggered the height to give more interest to the arrangement.

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