Candle Centerpieces

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Do you need to clip your rods to specific heights?  You can measure each piece if you want to be precise, but I tend to just eyeball it!

(Remember - best insert these once they are on the tables - but clip to the correct heights before your wedding day so they are all ready to insert).  

Simply push the tallest piece in the brick of foam first.

The acrylic is hard and will push firmly into the foam.  The "x" design gives it more stability and grip than a smooth round design would.

Another good way to be sure the rods stay firmly in place is to give a couple of squirts right where the rod enters the foam with Floralock.  This adhesive works on wet foam and "locks" that piece into place so it doesn't move!

Follow the directions on the can.  If your arrangement is already done, no problems!  Floralock comes with a red straw that you insert into the nozzle and then carefully nudge that nozzle down through the flowers and greens until right at the point of entry and give a quick squirt or two!

Now I'm going to determine how tall I want my second votive candle to be in this centerpiece.

I determine the height and allow a few more inches for insertion into the foam.

Using a heavy pair of wire cutters, give a nip on one section of the "x" on the rod.

Be sure to wear protective eye safety glasses so no shards can go flying off in your face!  This is acrylic, so it doesn't really break or shatter like glass.

Another quick nip on each side and the rod breaks cleanly in two.

Now I'm ready to insert into my foam and determine where I want it placed.

This is all about eye appeal.  Staggered heights tend to be more interesting that keeping all the candles at the exact same height.  But the final design is up to you!

Line the top cap of the pedestal with some more floral clay.

Position the glass votive carefully - it really sticks tight once you apply it!

Now I have two staggered candles drawing the eyes upward with the height added by these handy little extension rods.

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