Candelabra centerpiece

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This video explains how to create a candelabra centerpiece.  It features beautiful flowers and is much easier than you think.  If you have to do this ahead of time (instead of designing on site as a florist frequently does) do not attach the flowers until after arriving at the venue.  These designs can be very tall and difficult to deliver standing up.

To create a similar  look, you'll need the following fresh flowers and products:

Many thanks to Designer Joe McDonald , Flower Joos or allowing this video to be shared via Youtube

Always start the arrangements by processing your flowers correctly upon arrival.  This is very important (especially for those DIY brides who don't have a large walk in cooler to store their flowers in!)  Use the recommended professional products, such as the Quik Dip, flower food and flower sealants.  Floralock will ensure the flowers stay in place and don't slide out of the wet foam.

Your wedding flowers are too important to trust to a "home remedy".  The products (considering the cost of the flower themselves) are affordable and readily available to be shipped to your house, just like your farm fresh flowers.

The florist clay is included in the product list because you wrap it around around the stem of the O'Dapter bowl and it will adhere very snugly to the candelabra.  He calls it something else on the tape, but you can see the florist clay roll on his table.

After the candelabra is finished, be sure to mist it well with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Take care that the flower foam does not go dry, but continue to replenish it with water treated with fresh flower food.

Pay attention to the comment about delivery.  If you don't plan to arrange at the venue, you may wish to flower at home and transport the candelabra and flower arrangement separately and then attach with the flower clay when you arrive at the reception hall.

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