calla lily wedding cake

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You calla lily wedding cake can be decorated fairly quickly, but you must prepare your fresh flowers first.

When your callas first arrive, cut under water and store in tall cylinder vase with just an couple of inches of water in it.  Never allow to go dry.  Calla stems tend to soften and begin to decay early if too much of their stem is immersed into water.

For this design, you'll need the following:

Note:  There are callas on the back of the cake.  You can get by with less Callas if you prefer.

Please count the number of pins you use and alert the person who is cutting the cake to account for the removal of same number of pins.  This is to make sure the cake is completely free of pins before serving.

With your thumb and index finger, gently press and massage the stem to break up the fibers inside the stem.  This will allow you to drape and manipulate the callas to lay where you want them to.  Use the pearl pins to pin them to the cake (you may need 2 - 3 pins for each calla).  

Start at the top and, using the photo below for guidance, place each calla on the cake.

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