calla lily wedding bouquet

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This calla lily wedding bouquet features bright yellow blooms wrapped in Masajeana leaves.  The simple design is easy to make and features a cool elegant design.

To create a similar bouquet, you'll need the following products and flowers:

Lay a Masajean leaf on the design table.  Lay the calla blooms down one at a time, layering them on top of each other, staggering them downward.  Pick up just the callas, holding them in place.  Holding the flowers under the neck of the lowest calla lily, tape the flowers together with green stem wrap, both high under the flower neck and then about 10" lower.

Lay the bound callas on top of the leaf, rolling it around the flowers at an upward slant.  Pin in place.  Hold another leaf (staggered down slightly from the first, and wind down around the bouquet.  Pin into place.  Continue with the other leaves, cutting off excess bottoms of the leaves.  Continue until all the leaves are binding the bouquet.  Pin in place, pointing the sharp points upward, making sure all are buried deep in the flower stems.

Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory, allow to dry, and refrigerate in cylinder vases with the cut ends of the callas extending down below the leaf line and rest in a couple inches of water.  Every day, trim off any softened calla stems.  On wedding day, give one last cut right below the lowest leaf wrap.

If you haven't designed with calla lilies before, it's wise to browse through the step by step tutorials for calla bouquets.

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