calla bridal bouquet

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This calla bridal bouquet is a simple arm presentation style.  It is designed to lay in the crook of the bride or attendant's arm freeing up her left arm for her escort.

To create a similar bouquet, you'll need the following flowers and florist supplies:

Cut a length of ribbon approximately 3 1/2 times the length of the stems.  Place the ribbon on an open design surface.

Lay the leaf down on top of the ribbon (just slightly under the center of the leaf).  One at a time, lay each calla down on top of the bouquet, either staggering the callas or keeping the the same height (as shown in the photograph.  

Once all the callas are in place, pull both cut ends of the ribbon up, twist crossing over the stems, and  then pull the cut ends down behind the back, twisting again and returning to the front.  Continue down the stems until you are close down to the cut ends of the callas.  Leave enough length to be able to cut the callas to a shorter length.

This braiding technique is demonstrated in the daisy boutonniere tutorial.  Check out the step by step photo directions.  Whether large stems or skinny, the technique used is the same.  Pinning a corsage pin at each cross of the braid keeps it tightly in place.

If you want a completely wrapped, used a larger width of ribbon and keep the layers overlapping so the stems don't show.

Once finished, mist well with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Allow to dry.  Refrigerate resting in cylinder vases with only a couple inches of water.  You don't want the long stems submerged in a lot of water as the stems will grow soft and bacteria will grow.  Always cut callas with a sharp knife only- NO SCISSORS!  Trim away any part of the stem that has softened.  For this reason, it's best to leave the stems longer so you can trim away softened parts each day they rest in water.

If you need more designing help, start with the calla bridal bouquet tutorials on working with these lovely flowers.

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