Bubble bowl

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The bubble bowl is almost done . . but I'm going to add wax flower as a filler.  I love the contrast between the lavenders, blues and now hot pink.  Makes a lovely blend of colors.

Wax Flower has a lot of small flowers on grassy branches.  Strip the needle like leaves off the bottom so you have a clean stem to insert into the bubble bowl.

Tuck the wax flower deep down and in between the other stems of flowers.

Just a few stems tucked here and there gives a nice contrast to the other colors in this bubble bowl.

Here's a view from the side.  Make sure you turn your centerpiece around as you design to keep the design from being one sided.

Here's a view from the top.  As you can see, you can get a bit of height from the delphinium, but still allow your guests to see one another for conversing at the reception hall.

The grasses give the illusion of a bigger piece without intruding on the place settings.

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