bubble bowl centerpiece

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This bubble bowl centerpiece combines height and texture in a lovely way.  The bowls are footed and will fit together for stability.  To create a similar look, you'll need the following products and flower supplies:

Begin by arranging the thistle, Queen Anne's lace and the succulent leaves in each bubble bowl as shown in the closeups below.  

Each element will stay in place by attaching Uglu to the bottom.  If you leave the pieces loose, the arrangement can be jumbled during delivery and careless handling.

As you can see, each bowl is a little different.. but arranged in clusters.

Once the interior design is in place inside the bubble bowls, place a Uglu strip around the neck of the bottom bowl.  Lift the middle bowl and center over the bottom bowl, then push down firmly, allowing the Uglu to attach the two bowls together.  Do the same for the top bowl.

I find it easier to fold the muslin on the table, folding over and securing with a Uglu strip.  Continue until you have a long enough length of folded muslin to attach to the neck of each bowl.  Add strips of Uglu where the muslin will attach to each bowl.

Make a wired bow with plenty of loops from the Bind wire.  Wrap the Bind wire around the folded muslin and attach by twisting the ends together.  Place a Uglu strip on this area and press the Bind Wire bow to it. 

Repeat for each bowl.

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