Bridesmaid Bouquets

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Oasis offers many types of bouquet holders.  The Belle holder comes both in clear and white, plus the option of a straight or bent handle

Slant handles are meant to be used for cascades.  It allows for a more natural holding the of the bouquet without feeling like you're poking your stomach with the bouquet handle!

I used a Grande slant in white for this holder.  I want to do my best to conceal the white part of the holder, since I don't want white to peek out from under the green grass collar.

The first step is to always use the right products to process your dry packed flowers.  Taking the time to treat your flowers like a professional florist would gains you longer life for all your flowers.  I also advocate soaking the foam in water that has been treated with a professional flower food like Crystal Clear by Floralife.  This has the same stuff that you get in little packets when you buy flowers in the grocery store.

But don't guess by pouring a random amount in.  Use the right amount  advised by the manufacturer.  Too little and you really don't give the flowers much of an advantage.  Put in too much and you are just wasting product.  More won't hurt your flowers . . but can put a dent in your wedding budget!

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