Bridal Bouquet Supplies

Floralock Stem Adhesive

Years ago professional florists wired in cascades and other heavy flower stems to be sure they "stayed in place" on that trip down the aisle.

No worries now - we have Floralock.  This wonderful product is something I always keep handy.  I use it on bridal bouquets, large stand florals, wreaths . . . just about any type of flower design that has to be handled throughout the day, transported in a moving vehicle or with overlarge stems that you want to be sure stays put!

Be sure to read the instructions on the can, always SHAKE, SHAKE SHAKE!!  You want to be sure it is throughly mixed and aerated so you get every last bit of adhesive out of that can!

Attach the straw to the nozzle and insert deep into your bouquets - but only AFTER you are done designing.  Squirt in small, short bursts, taking care that the adhesive settles around the flower stems.  Too much and you can have it dripping down the sides.  Take your time, little short squirts and your bouquet won't be losing any flowers down your wedding aisle.

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