aisle decorations

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These aisle decorations can be easily changed to your own wedding colors.  

Aisle decorations can be fastened to the pews in several different ways.  Always take note of the style of pew or chairs, so you can best decide how to attach your flowers.

These flowers are in a Gold trumpet vase.  I prefer using florist foam, because every flower stays put, while those arranged loose in a vase can be knocked over during delivery.

Use a flexible pew clip, pull the pew clip apart and apply glue to the inside of the clip.

Allow the pew clip to fully dry before inserting the wet Oasis foam.  

Always allow Oasis foam to "float soak", meaning you allow it to absorb water gradually.  The water should be treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Please don't skip these flower products.  DIY brides don't have the advantage of a walk-in professional florist cooler, so you need to process your wholesale flowers correctly and use recommended flower products so your flowers are given everything needed to keep fresh as long as possible.

Shave the wet foam brick to angle down into the vase, allowing the foam to rise above the rim of the vase at least 1 - 2 inches.  This allows you to insert greenery from the sides.  Secure the foam with waterproof tape.

Green in the container from the sides.  If a piece of greenery is tender or pliable, wire a wooden pick to insert into the foam.  The soft wood absorbs water and swells, tightening in the florist foam.

Once the greenery is finished, cut the roses shorter and begin inserting in a cluster of the top center of the florist foam.

Finish adding all the flowers.  Once the design is finished, use Floralock Stem Adhesive to secure all stems in the wet foam.  Shake the can thoroughly and use short bursts to avoid dripping of the adhesive.

Once finished, mist the flowers and greenery well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Allow to dry and refrigerate if possible.  If refrigeration is not available, then store in a cool room away from light and heat until the wedding day.

If you need more help with greening or flowering, be sure to browse through other step by step tutorials for pew decorations or floral centerpieces.

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