aisle decorations

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Fold the variegated leaves over and wire a wooden pick to the stem ends.  Cut the flower stems off, but keep them aside.  Insert all the flowers into the bouquet holder.  Insert the cut stems upwards into the bottom of the bouquet holder.  Tie the bouquet to the pew clip with a tight knot.  Create loops of ribbon and wire the wooden picks to the cut ends of the loops.  Insert the loops into the wet foam.  The wooden pick will swell with water and tighten firmly.

Once all the flowers are inserted and the bow loops and tails are in place, use Floralock in short bursts to glue in the flower stems to the wet foam.  Don't overdo, as you don't want glue dripping down over the bouquet handle.

Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Take care that the bouquet foam doesn't go dry, but dribble more water over it if necessary to keep the flowers fresh.

If you need more help, be sure to browse through the bouquet and centerpiece tutorials to learn how to green and flower in florist foam.

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