aisle decorations

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These stunning aisle decorations would be a beautiful frame of flowers as the attendants and bride come up the aisle.  They are actually easier to make than you think!

Change the colors of the roses to red, lavender, green, orange or other bold colors, using shades of those colors . . . these aisle decorations don't have to be yellow!

Before starting this design, read through the tutorial on designing with raquettes and spray bars.  This long bar of Oasis Foam has a built in tray and is wrapped with perforated polyfilm.  You need either a long tub or wallpaper water tray to soak this foam in.

Allow it plenty of time to soak up water.  Forcing it underwater can cause dry pockets that will spell and early death to any stem inserted in that dry patch.

If you wish to save money on a similar design, consider substituting cushion mums for the roses.

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