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Sweet William

Wholesale flower sites often require large minimums when you place your order.  Be sure to price and compare and READ THE FINE PRINT.  I sell flowers in single bunches so the DIY bride can mix and match and not blow her whole flower budget on one flower variety.  I also sell greenery in single bunches as well.  How can you save if you are forced to buy way more than you need?  They claim "free shipping" - but actually build the shipping costs into the flower price in the form of volume buying.

I try to price flower reasonable and provide everything else you need (flower sealants, rehydrators, bouquet holders and more) so you can have a "one stop shopping" for all your flower needs in one place.  Can't find it on my store?  Contact me.  I ship out of one of the largest floral wholesalers in the United States.  I'll do my best to find what you need.

Sweet William (Dianthus) is clusters of ruffly petaled flowers with bright green stalks and leaves.  They are seasonal or come in from Holland - so they are subject to availability.

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